12 Reasons Why People Love Handmade Products

3 min readJul 31, 2021

Today we are going to discuss 12 reasons why people love handmade products. Let’s start with Handmade products. What is a handmade product? — Webster’s Dictionary defines handmade as an item made by hand or by a hand process. It was first used in the early seventeenth century. Other definitions include the aspect of craftsmanship and imply that a handmade item is of higher quality than one mass-produced by a machine. Basically, handmade products are made with simpler tools.

Let’s deep dive into the 12 reasons why people love handmade products. First of all

  1. Handmade is a thought process

Artisans have imagined each piece, from beginning to end. The thoughtfulness extends to the buyer, who appreciates all the effort and skill. They include buyers’ thoughts too.

2. High quality

Hand-created products are made to high quality because the maker understands the value of each piece. They value their material as well as the finished product. They use high-quality material so finished products are ultimately high quality.

3. Environment

There is not large factory or industry behind handmade. Generally, the products are produced and sold in one region or home town. Handmade products are made up of simpler tools so there are lesser carbon footprints. Where there is no factory, no carbon creation then no or lesser carbon footprints

4. Support

When buying a hand-crafted item you are supporting the local economy, the local community, and a real person. Each sale makes a huge difference in their lives. You are supporting needy people around you, not a huge corporate brand. It makes a huge difference in their life. You are helping them to earn daily bread and butter from their art.

5. Customized

This is my reason for buying hand-made. Every artisan wants to see a happy customer. They can tweak their original creation as per customers’ needs and requirements. Customization always created a unique feel and the best part is you can feel it.

6.TIME Spent is Priceless.

Time is money so art is priceless. The Artisan has spent many nights learning a skill, perfecting a technique, and pouring their passion into what they make. Your gift has a very special story of a time attached to it.

7. Special

Handmade is not a mass product. Each item is a unique display of craftsmanship. When you buy handmade, you are buying a promise of “made only for you”. They have given the beautiful piece of their artwork which give you a special feeling.

8. Helping conscience

You can understand what is right and what is wrong you do. You are supporting people’s livelihoods with a responsible decision to redistributing wealth. You are supporting people’s lives for better living. Handcrafted Products Make You Feel Good About Your Purchases.

9. Meet Your Needs Better.

In mass-produced products, many times you don’t like the product because it’s not meeting your needs. Handcrafted items bridge the gap to meet your expectations.

10. Support a Tradition of Skilled Work

We’ve seen that supporting your local artisan is good for the community, but it’s also good for the art. As technology makes it possible to replace skilled workers with machines it’s important to keep hand-making goods a financially feasible career choice.

11. Pass the legacy for future generations

When we create handmade products with our children we are passing the legacy to future generations. Next generations will know about the beautiful products well in advance and they can keep the skill and art alive.

12. Buying handmade celebrates ‘We’

Each handmade item is about people, not machines. It’s about the skill of each maker and the magic of their imagination.


Handmade is a celebration of our beautiful daily lives and our living culture. It is not a mass-forced, one-size-fits-all consumer culture where everything looks the same and is easily boxed up. Each handmade item is always talking about people and not machines. It’s about the time and effort that goes into each piece of art. It shows the skill of each maker, the technical and artistic side of the maker, the magic of an individual’s imagination. We create gifts for people from people. That’s why we love handmade products.

What is your reason to love handmade? What is your thought process around this? Please add your thoughts and views in the comments. Let’s share our love for handmade products together!

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